Monthly Archives: February 2015

Excellence vs. Equality: A conscience of the times

This blog, titled Excellence Vs. Equality, is an updated and in-depth commentary on schools and society in the 21st century, as well as a supplement to my website, The focus will be framed around globalization, technology, and inequality: major trends shaping the world around us. Other topics will include a shrinking middle class, the rich and super rich, educational opportunity, human potential, innovation and creativity, economic growth and development, and the rise of Asia as an economic force. As an education enthusiast, of sorts, I have a lot to say about the aforementioned subjects. I hope to inform, spark debate, and serve as a constant commentary on every day social, economic, and educational news and policy.

If you must know my background, I am a Professor of Education and Social Policy at St. John’s University. I have also authored more than 60 books and 400 articles. Most of these books can be found on my website. Feel free to comment, remark on, or retort any of the posts on this blog. In that way, we can all contribute to an ongoing conversation.